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Thanks for visiting my official web site. Health and fitness is my passion. I live and breath this on a daily basis. My knowledge will help you achieve your fitness goals and change your lives for the best. I have changed hundreds of lives in the past and present, and hope to add you to the list. This site will be updated daily with videos and blogs to help with any questions you may have. Enjoy and thanks for your support.

'Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up'

Frank Fata


Madness Workout Program

The Madness workout is like no other on the market today. It can be used by just about anyone looking to take their bodies to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or have been in the game for years, you will be able to utilize these workout programs to your specific weight capability. It can be used for fat loss or to put on size. There are ten exercise programs for each muscle group. Each program will test your ability and endurance by delivering sets that include strength/hypertrophic training, supersets, volume training and all out muscle confusion. Each chapter will have one program that doesn't require weights or the gym. Most people can't make it to the gym some days due to their work schedule, so there's no excuse anymore. Also, each chapter will have a program that’s for people who live a busy lifestyle and need to be in and out of the gym. After using this system and a balanced diet, you will see dramatic changes in your body. So get with the Madness, today...


One...Two...Three Abs is a quick guide on how to achieve that six pack that you've always wanted. Its easy to follow and straight to the point. Its great for beginners or advanced trainees. There is a month long program to follow with links to the exact exercises you will be doing. This is the program that I follow to get my abs ready for a show or photoshoot. It has some exercises that do not require the gym. All you need is your bodyweight and the will power to follow the program. When you're done you won't want to keep your shirt on!





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